Open Secret (2009) for Soprano Saxophone and Chinese orchestra, duration: 15’   Watch on Youtube
Commissioned by French Ministry of Culture and Communication (Commande de l’Etat) for Claude Delangle and Taipei Chinese Orchestra
Edition: Svensk Musik, Stockholm, CD BIS Records, 2011, N° 1790

Jubilee, Jubilate (2007) for trombone, percussion and string orchestra, duration: 11’
Commissioned by CoMA (Sweden) for Axelsson & Nilsson Duo and Musica Vitae
Edition: Svensk Musik, Stockholm, CD Chamber Sound, 2010, N° 10042

Xiu III (2007) for symphony band, 11 minutes
Edition: Svensk Musik, Stockholm

Burning Rose (2007) for chamber orchestra (17 instruments), duration: 14’
Commissioned by Ensemble Intercontemporain and Ircam (Paris) for Ensemble Intercontemporain
Edition: Svensk Musik, Stockholm

Dance in five (2007) for orchestra, duration: 6’
Commissioned by Music Production Centre of Olympic Game 2008 in Beijing

wwww-M (2004) for saxophone quartet and orchestra, duration:17’
Commissioned by Swedish Concert Institute for Stockholm Saxophone Quartet and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Stockholm
Edition: Svensk Musik, Stockholm

Sâdhana (2000) for grand orchestra, duration: 14’    Listen in MP3
Edition: Salabert, Paris

Zhan Zidu (The punishment of Zidu)(1998) for string orchestra, duration: 13’
Edition: Svensk Musik, Stockholm

Ruining (1995) for grand orchestra, duration: 30’

Peace (1993) for grand orchestra, duration: 20’

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